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best ao nang sunset

Best Aonang Sunsets – recommends Krabi to unwind yourself

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best ao nang sunsets

Best Ao nang Sunsets

‘The most beautiful sunsets – Krabi Does it Best!’  –

Karl & Line - Wedding Krabi Hilltop Restaurant

Best Ao Nang Sunsets

Besides the stunning limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, beautiful white-sand beaches and the best sunsets in Thailand. Krabi Province has so much to offer in terms of the great diversity in food, language and culture.

Holidays are made even better when massages along the beach are readily available. One good place which provides private and quality massages is the Aonang Haven Guest House. A booking is recommended either in person at our reception or via online to avoid disappointment.

One other popular activity for tourists is rock-climbing. Railay Beach is one of the favourite spots for rock-cllimbing with rock-climbing enthusiasts from all over the world coming here to give this one a try.

Krabi is a home to many beautiful sunset locations and we happen be located at arguably the best locations for viewing the sunset. Pictures speak for themselves and you may visit our facebook page for more stunning photos of the sunset at The Hilltop Restaurant, Krabi.  We serve authentic Thai dishes and a wide variety of seafood grilled to perfection.

In addition, Airasia and Tigerairway Airlines provides direct flights from Singapore and Malaysia for very affordable rates, so jazz up your long weekends with an amazing sunset dinner with us!

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BKT Sunset Dinner The Hilltop Restaurant

Sunset Dinner BKT Porsche Group@The Hilltop

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Sunset Dinner for The BKT Porsche Group (Malaysia & Singapore)

The Trip to Krabi

These guys called themselves ‘The BKT Group’ as they simply loved the pork rib soup dish famous in Singapore and Malaysia – The Bak Kut Teh. These humble neighbours of ours, like many other super car enthusiasts who have driven thousands of kilometres to spend a lovely time in Krabi, has given us an opportunity to organise a sunset dinner for them.

The Sunset Dinner

The BKT Group privatised our lawn area for the dinner event which as perfect for a sunset dinner at our Krabi restaurant. Their cars include GT2, GT3, GT3 RS Porsches, some Mercedes AMGs, and a couple of gorgeous Bentleys. The drive up The Hilltop Restaurant Krabi was hassle-free and amazing photos were taken with the beautiful backdrop of the Andaman Sea. The dinner event was accompanied with some live jazz music and plenty of beers and wines. The organiser, Mr Roland Chan, was in charge of arranging the logistics and itinerary of the whole trip and this dinner was definitely one of the highlights of this drive up to Krabi.

All in all, The BKT Group had a memorable evening with us at The Hilltop Restaurant, Krabi and they promised to come back again! The following are some of the photos taken:

BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 17 BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 16BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 14 BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 12 BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 11 BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 10 BKT Sunset Dinner  The Hilltop Restaurant 9


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